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Get rid of your traditional satellite or cable television subscription and save some money at the end of each month by using the revolutionary Roku and It is a technology that collects content from the internet and delivers it into your TV. Basically, the player allows you to obtain video content through different applications by hooking up to the Roku Wi-Fi internet connection. An HDMI cable is all that is required to connect the Roku box or stick to the TV. There are different types of current generation Roku devices available in the market. Each of them comes with significant features, processors and pricing models too.

Getting Started

  • Roku Player

    Once you have your Roku player connected to the TV and then to the internet through, it will allow you to have access to applications that are both free and paid.

  • Download

    The free applications can be easily downloaded.

  • Subscription

    The ones with a monthly subscription require you to go through a payment process.

Roku Wireless setup

Free Options –

streaming channel


To know what the Go Roku Wireless device has to offer, set it up first. Then go down to ‘Streaming Channels’ on the player’s interface.

most popular Roku channel


Take a look at the filtered list of sub-categories to find the ‘Most Popular’ option. These are the categories preferred by most of the users.

Top free Roku channels


Check out the ‘Top Free’ option too, to instantly know about the free channels that you can download and watch on your device.

Roku money saving


This is a great option for those who are looking towards saving even more money by getting rid of traditional cable viewing.

 For those of you who do not wish to subscribe to a paid monthly service you can watch the likes of The Roku Channel, YouTube, Pluto TV Activate, PBS Kids, CW, CBS News, Tubi TV, NBC News, Crackle TV, Filmrise, ABC News, Fox Television, and a lot more, which are absolutely free.

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Subscriptions By Choice

If you want a more traditional satellite or Cable TV experience, with some live channels, then go in for applications like Sling TV, DirecTV Now, HBO Go, Disney Now, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, etc. Hulu more recently even came out with a live TV subscription package.

Note: You can also get a regular Hulu subscription without the Live TV option.

Roku Channel Subscriptions

  • Roku Update

    Roku updates their channel options frequently. These channels also come with a trial period, which is usually for a week or so.

  • Trial

    Users might want to take the trial before deciding what is best for you. If you don’t like what you see you can always not pay and unsubscribe.

  • Advantage

    You don’t get embroiled into a contract with these apps. That is also one of the biggest advantages of cord cutting and using Roku’s streaming devices.

  • Channels

    The player also is a great choice when you pair it up with local and national channels through an antenna.

Roku Devices

Roku, since its inception in 2002, has progressively introduced several devices into the market. But the Roku wireless devices are the ones that are most powerful and hold the capacity to deliver your preferred content whenever you want. In get a glimpse of the current generation of Roku devices and their features.

Roku Express And Plus

Though it might be similar to other existing competitors in the market, the Roku Express is still all set to give its consumers more than just streaming. The main selling point of the device is its ability to provide a third-party experience when compared to others. While most streaming services offer restrictive content, the goes beyond biases. It provides all types of content and a variety of choices to the user. The small device has an IR element on the top and an HDMI and a micro USB ports at the back. This is also where your ‘Reset’ pin is located. An adhesive pad at the bottom ensures that it stays securely in place and provides the best reception when you hang it under your TV. The remote is neat, and comes with the traditional quick launch buttons for some of the channels and encompasses some new features too.

Roku Ultra

The ultimate device that offers you the best streaming experience is the Roku Ultra. The black box comes with connections for the power cord, HDMI, micro SD card and an Ethernet port. There is also the USB slot on the side. The controller is heralded as one of the best. It comes with the regular buttons, the Home, Back, Play, Pause and quick launch channel buttons. Besides, it also has volume control and microphone search options, where you can speak your option by pressing the small ‘Mic’ button. Netflix , Sling , Hulu and CBS are the most watched channels that are in demand.

Roku Streaming Stick & Roku Streaming Stick Plus

  1. The device is small, black and probably the size of a packet of gum. Yet, it is extremely powerful and has the capacity to replace more than half of your entertainment setup.
  2. Whether you wish to cut the cord completely, or you are just getting into the streaming device industry, the Streaming Stick Plus is a highly recommended device for both experienced as well as novice users.
  3.  The device’s interface and search functionalities are easily navigable. It also comes with a power cable in-built with a setup booster.
  4. There is a voice search incorporated with a microphone, a power key at the top and a pair of volume keys on its side.
  5. Which means both the power and the volume can be controlled from a single remote. The Roku wireless setup instructions are easy.

Steps for connectivity process

Roku can be connected in two ways – Wired Connection or Wireless Connection. The wired connection can be useful when you own an older TV. You can directly connect it with an Ethernet cable to your TV. In the case of Roku wireless setup (Wi-Fi), you should carry out the following steps to complete your setup process.

  • For setup, connect the TV with your home network (Wi-Fi)
  • A display screen displaying ‘Wireless’ will appear
  • Click ‘OK’ to proceed with the Roku wireless setup process.
  • Choose your WLAN (home network) from the network list.
  • If you don’t find your home network on the list, you can scan again to choose it.
  • Type your exact password. Don’t forget that it is case-sensitive
  • And then, click the option ‘Connect’.

Your Roku wireless setup is now completed. In the course of setup process, you might come across some errors. Read the manual or contact our technical support for resolving the errors.

Troubleshooting Tip for Roku Wireless Setup

Even after you have successfully connected your Roku device to the TV, you may across some technical errors. Here is the list of the common Roku connection problems that you might probably face.

  • While you are watching the video content, it might keep pausing or retrieving again and again.
  • You will no longer be allowed to see the Channel Store on your TV screen.
  • In most cases, your Roku box will be unable to connect to your wireless network.

troubleshoot Roku issues

These errors occur when there is an issue with your home or wireless network. If you follow this one simple troubleshooting tip for Roku wireless setup, you can eliminate all these errors with ease. On your screen, go to the ‘Settings’ panel and select ‘About’ and move to the ‘Network’ part. From the options, choose ‘Wireless’ and update the connection.

Roku will search for your home network (Wi-Fi) and re-connect. In that case, you will see three options with a round button. When every button gets a green checkmark on it, your Roku will start to stream with perfection.


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