How To Stream BBC America on Roku Streaming Devices

Change is constant in this world and TV viewing is no exception. There have been drastic changes in the way entertainment is being watched across the globe. As a result, increased speeds of internet and  improvements in electronic gadgets have resulted in more and more people watching TV shows and programs through online streaming.

Roku started in 2002, has gained a prominent place in the online streaming devices market. Its customer focus, cost-effective devices, and plans, customer support, research capabilities all have consequently resulted in Roku becoming the favorite streaming device of the Americans. It has something to offer to everyone and their plans and also, offers are of great variety and besides, they are affordable too.

Channels Offered by Roku

Roku offers plentiful of paid and free channels. The subscribers are free to choose paid or free channels according to their choice. To watch a paid channel, Roku will ask for your credit card or PayPal details and also, for watching free channels and no need to provide those details

BBC America Roku
BBC America Roku

BBC America on Roku

  • BBC Studios and AMC Networks jointly manages the BBC America
  • Having its headquarters in New York, it is the old man of news broadcasting
  • It started its news broadcasting in the year 1998
  • And now, it has become an integral part of the life of the Americans
  • The BBC boasts of a loyal fan following across the world breaking geographical barriers
  • BBC America Roku is broadcasted all over the world
  • It is the largest employer in the sector of news broadcasting

Steps to Activate BBC America Roku

There are two ways through which you can add the BBC America channel to your Roku.

  • From your TV and
  • From your Mobile App

Adding BBC America from your Roku TV

  • To begin with, sign in to your Roku account with your user credentials
  • If you don’t possess a Roku account open a new one
  • And then, you can open a free account or a paid account entirely based on your channel preferences
  • Tap on the option settings and then, verify if the Roku software is upgraded
  • If not, upgrade the software of Roku
  • Now, click the home button of your Roku remote
  • Reach the main menu of Roku and go to search and then, type BBC America and click search
  • The search process displays BBC America Roku channel, tap on the add channel option
  • Now, wait for some moments and BBC America will be added to your Roku channel list
  • Consequently, connect your Roku streaming device to your TV and reach the channel activation page
  • Input in your pin code to activate your BBC America channel addition
  • A pin code mentioned in the above point is nothing but the code which you generated at the time of account opening to ensure safe access of adding or deleting channels
  • Later when the channel is added, tap on the BBC America channel tile and type your the account authorizations and then, click submit
  • Finally, enjoy watching BBC America on Roku streaming device

Adding BBC America on Roku Mobile App

  • Initially, open your Roku mobile app and go to the channel store
  • After that. type, BBC America, in the search space and click ok
  • Subsequently, BBC America channel tile will display, tap on it and now click on add channel option
  • As you activated your Roku device, you would be asked to enter the pin that you created
  • BBC America channel is now successfully added in your Roku Channel list
  • Once it is added, tap on the BBC America channel icon and then key in your BBC account authorizations and tap submit
  • And then, you will now be able to watch BBC channel using the Roku Streaming device

BBC America on Roku Mobile App


At times, you may face issues in adding a channel to your Roku TV or device. Furthermore, the reasons can be due to the following factors. Ensure you have checked for the below scenarios,

  • The channel activation code may have a typo error
  • Probably your network may be down
  • Website of the particular channel or Roku may be facing downtime
  • The pin code you use to add or delete a channel in Roku may have a typo error
  • Maybe you would have searched for a channel by giving a wrong name in the search option
  • You would have skipped your subscription by mistake

If you feel it would be great if you get support and guidance on BBC America Roku activation, you can always contact us @ +1-844-730-3890, we are just a call or mail away!

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