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Cord-cutting has been the most spoken about trend on the entertainment medium, and worldwide, the users are highly shifting towards streaming entertainment. With the rage of competitions among various channels in content production, innovative shows and programs are getting birth through various channels. To embrace a huge set of users, channel brands are catching up with different ideas and one of those prominent ideas is the multiple channel genres under a single network. It means, under one single channel multiple genres like music, movies, news and sports are available. CBS channel is an acclaimed one which is following this idea of broadcasting.

Refer below to know the complete information about cbs.com/roku activation steps

CBS Channel Subcategories

CBS channel is available in the name called ‘CBS All Access’ which let the users immerse into myriad on-demand episodes through the streaming devices. The channel subcategories are available in the genres of sports, movies, news and even child programming also. By getting the CBS channel app, you can easily get a classification of programs under titles called shows, full episodes, and Live TV.

Under the shows category, you can view the library of various shows under genres like drama, reality, originals, comedy, daytime, primetime, late night, sports, news, specials, classics and movies. The latest trending shows are available under the popular category.

CBS Live TV enables you to get the conventional cable-like TV shows, which let you watch the shows on selective timings. Those who have the desire to get the eclectic entertainment choices continuously can avail this Live TV option.

Famous Shows on CBS

Anyone, who is in dilemma to select the best show to burn leisure, can pick any shows from the following list,

  • All in the family
  • I love Lucy
  • M*A*S*H
  • The Big Bang theory
  • The Carol Burnett show
  • Dick Van Dyke show
  • Andy Griffith show
  • The Munsters
  • Everybody loves Raymond

Streaming Networks to Avail CBS Channel

Pick any one of the following streaming service provider to subscribe to the CBS channel,

  • XBOX
  • Windows 10
  • Samsung
  • Roku
  • PS4
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire TV


Streaming Networks for CBS
Streaming Networks for CBS

Channel Providers

Nowadays many users prefer to opt for the channel service provider to get the collection of channel bundles. Select any one of the channel bundles from the following to include CBS channel to your collection,

  • Frontier Communications
  • Hulu
  • Dish
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Spectrum
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon Fios
  • YouTube TV
  • WOW!

Cbs.com/roku  Activation 

We have elucidated the CBS channel activation steps on Roku streaming device in the following easy steps. Carry out the following steps without any error and stream the CBS on your Roku.


The requirements for this channel activation are the Roku streaming player, Router for internet network, mobile or computer to enter the activation code and other needed Roku accessories for hardware connection.


  • To begin with, first, have your own Roku account to sign in
  • Existing users can turn on their streaming device and enter their Roku account credentials to log in
  • New users just access the Roku official site enter all the necessary details such as name, email ID and create a password for your Roku account
  • In the end, accept all the terms & conditions, prove you are not a robot and click the submit button to create the account
  • Subsequently, after signing in to your account, you will see the Roku home menu with multiple options
  • For any kind of channel, movies and other entertainment searches, just scroll through the options using your Roku remote and select the Roku channel store
  • In the meantime, to get the CBS channel, in the channel store enter the channel name ‘CBS’ and look out for the channel from the results
  • Otherwise, you can select via categories, CBS channel is easily accessible under the popular channels category
  • In either way, select the appropriate channel app, and enter the channel home menu
  • Further, tap the ‘add channel’ button nearby the channel logo to download and install the CBS channel package
  • Users who want to access the channel via channel service providers can sign in using their channel service provider credentials and download the channel app
  • Finally, after purchasing the channel by entering the payment method credentials, you will receive the unique channel activation code
  • Now in your mobile or computer, navigate to Roku site and enter the activation code to activate the channel on your Roku

Besides, for more information about cbs.com/roku activation steps, just ring our team by the toll-free number on +1-844-730-3890.

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