Watch FX Networks On Roku – Stream These Popular TV Shows

Start Stream These Popular FX Networks TV Shows on Roku

The FX Networks channel on Roku has some of the best TV shows such as Pose, Americans, Mayans and Legion. These top-rated shows have interesting story lines, a stellar cast and some great editing. So, watch FX Networks on Roku with these most happening shows to look forward to.

Watch FX Networks on Roku
Watch FX Networks on Roku

The Americans

It is a story, an imaginary one, based on a couple straight from Russia who actually pretend to be American. They live a normal life in front of others but are in reality, Russian spies. This show has six seasons to its credit and the story happens during the time of the Cold War. It is a thriller series and you can catch some great performances from Mathew Rhys as the protagonist and Keri Russel as his partner.

The Legion

A psycho thriller and also a science fiction, this is a must watch show on the FX Networks channel. Dan Stevens carries the show really well with great support from Rachel Keller and Bill Irwin. Besides, there are also other notable performances in this 2-season show. There are total 19 episodes and they were collectively written by Noah Hawley, Peter Calloway and Nathaniel Halpern.


Another popular show that has been on air since 2017, it was created and brought to life by John Singleton. It has two seasons of great entertainment and one of the main reasons why you must watch FX Networks on Roku. Some interesting episodes are;

  • Baby Teeth
  • The Rubicon
  • Trauma
  • Cracking
  • The Offer
  • The Day
  • Surrender
  • Serpiente
  • Aftermath

Roku Activation

Since you are planning to stream the channel on a Roku, make sure that you activate the device first. For this, you will need an account, a code and an internet connection after which you can add the FX Networks channel.

  • Turn on the Roku
  • Wait till it connects to the internet
  • Get the code
  • Log into your Roku account
  • Go to the activation page
  • Enter the code and submit the same. Wait for the code to get accepted.
  • Once that is successful, check the TV screen
  • The Roku screen will appear. If not, refresh the device or restart it
  • In case, it is not successful, then repeat from beginning

After you complete the activation process, you can add any number of free, paid or private channels including the FX Networks channel (

Adding and Activating FX Networks on Roku

It is a paid channel and may have a different set of steps when compared to other Roku channels that are free.

  • Turn on the Roku
  • Go to the main menu
  • Then, choose the streaming channels
  • Search for and add the channel
  • Refresh the device
  • Now, launch the channel
  • Enter your cable provider login
  • This will activate FX Networks channel
  • Else, create a new account for the channel
  • This must be done on their website
  • Use these login credentials now

If your login or activation was not successful or if you are not able to watch FX Networks on Roku, then you can always reach out to us at our toll-free number +1-844-730-3890 or visit for 24/7 assistance.