Complete Your Roku Wireless Setup With wireless

Roku Wireless Setup

Good speed network connection is a must to activate any streaming device. If you have a Roku streaming device at your home, choose the network connection type from the display screen and proceed with the guidelines to complete setup.

Connect the device to the network, move to the store to stream your favorite channels. In case, if you are stuck with network errors, resolve it right away by executing the available troubleshooting tips. Green check marks that appear on your screen indicate the connection status of your network.

Selecting the network option can offer you better output when compared with other connection types.

Requisites to establish the connection

The below requisites are a must to connect the device to the network

  • Wireless network credentials (Username SSID and password (WEP or WPA))
  • Roku streaming device with top features
  • Router with good speed

How to connect your streaming device to the Network?

  • Power on the device that you use and wait until the Roku device logo start appearing on the screen
  • If your device is brand-new, take it out from the package and start the guided setup (Language and display selection)
  • After making the required language and display selection, move to the internet settings
  • As you navigate to the wireless network settings, the list of available network connections will be visible on the screen
  • Select the option, wireless, and type the credentials (username and password)
  • Now look for the connect tab below the screen and just tap on it
  • Finally, carry on with the onscreen guide to connect the device successfully to the network connection

Troubleshoot the network connection errors on your device

If a red checkmark appears, it indicates a network error and you need to troubleshoot the network connection right away. Below are few tips and tricks to avoid Roku internet connection errors

  • To start troubleshooting, perform a quick restart and check if the network are errors still present
  • Check if you have given valid network credentials (username and password) for your Roku wireless connection
  • Try using a different streaming device model
  • Also, place the router close to the device
  • Always avoid connecting multiple devices to the router at the same time
  • Use range extenders to improve the signal strength
  • If the errors still remain, you can service the device once. The good part is that free service will be offered if your device is under a warranty period.

Connect the device to the Internet and begin streaming the channels that you like. Suggest you to resolve the errors immediately as it may interrupt your streaming process.

In addition, users who require assistance to establish the wireless network connection or complete setup can read the guidelines available on our webpage Roku wireless setup. Ring the support number +1-844-730-3890 to contact our customer support executives. The good part is that the support that we offer is 24/7.