How to Stream NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku Streaming Device

It’s time to dive into the NFL and this article is especially for the NFL viewers and Football lovers. Moreover, for the new viewers, NFL is the National Football League which is an American football league, clashing between 32 different teams. By following the regular season matches, NFL has a great number of worldwide audiences. NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku is a must-read if you want to catch all the live actions.

NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku
NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

So, this is the time for you to stream the NFL matches. Absolutely, Roku provides the streaming NFL contents and for that, you should know about the channels that offer the NFL matches. You don’t need to have the cable subscriptions for getting these NFL season matches and activation of NFL on Roku.

Streaming NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

  • NFL Sunday ticket is a sports package made to telecast the NFL seasonal games
  • With this Sunday ticket access, the user can get easy access to all the NFL games
  • It is distributed by some selective channels only and one of the channels is DirecTV

By following the below-mentioned information, you can easily stream your favorite NFL matches on your Roku and this is specially called the NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku, where you can get access for the matches.

Following are the accessible channels on your Roku to stream the NFL,

NFL Game Pass

  • Game pass channel is absolutely made for the football lovers, and with this channel, you can get all sorts of seasonal games at the right time
  • By accessing the NFL Game pass channel on your Roku, you are able to live stream the NFL seasonal games
  • But in some cases, you may face errors due to locality problems also, for


  • DirecTV Now viewers have the straight option to view the live streaming NFL games
  • By entering the credentials, users can easily get the live stream NFL contents
  • DirecTV is the official channel provider for the NFL games
  • So, in your Roku, activate the DirecTV channel and use the channel to dive into the NFL games without any cable subscriptions

Sunday Night Football

  • NBC channel owns the broadcasting rights for the Sunday night football games
  • In your Roku, you can use the subscription form the satellite provider or participating channel to get the NBC sports channel
  • Also, you can get the NBC channel by subscribing to the PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu Live TV
  • And then, NBC is an accessible channel with simply by the antenna itself

 PlayStation Vue and ESPN

  • Local sports and core package of NFL games can also be got via PlayStation Vue channel
  • Besides, the Watch ESPN also has NFL games for viewing
  • Just subscribe the Watch ESPN using the satellite provider or participating cable to activate the channel

AFC Games

  • Get access to the CBS channel and stream all the critical matches involved in your favorite team of AFC
  • CBS is accessible on Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, FuboTV and YouTube TV also

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