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Watch Pluto TV on Roku Using Roku

For those who are ambitious about cutting the cord should actually try Roku streaming services. There are millions of channels containing entertainment, sports, videos and even Live TV right into your television. Services like Netflix and Hulu have already taken their place in the streaming video industry. They feature irresistible originals that are even profusely advertised. At the same time, if staying economical is a priority then you can cut the cable cord to watch Pluto TV on Roku absolutely free.

Watch Pluto TV on Roku
Watch Pluto TV on Roku

About Pluto TV

Predominantly curated out of what is already available online, Pluto TV offers free content. The service is quite unlike competitors such as DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue or even Hulu. At the same time it does seem similar to Rabbit TV that actually costs somewhere around $24 per annum. With a well-curated layout, Pluto TV on Roku service is quite useful even for those who have already subscribed to another live streaming service.

Watch Free

Included in the form of Watch Free on Vizio TV, Pluto TV is an input similar to what you would find on any streaming device or cable box. Since Pluto powers that service, all of the programming you’ll find on Watch Free is exactly the same. Most of what you read here also applies to Watch Free as well. This is aside from the name and a few Vizio-specific differences in the interface.

Channel Availability

Some relatively standard categories such as News, Sports, Movies, Entertainment, and Comedy are easily found on Pluto TV. Chill Out, Life + Style, and Geek + Gaming sections are internet-friendly content. Some familiar and popular channels you will find in here are MSNBC, CBSN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Cheddar and some more. It doesn’t air ESPN because sports coverage is rather unconventional. There are some channels represented through the web counterparts but there are others that are not-so-standard TV channels. With Pluto TV on Roku, sports lovers can catch all the action with content such as Impact Wrestling, World Poker Tour, Glory Kickboxing, and more.


Viewers can enjoy episodes such as Thunderbirds, Dennis The Menace and other older TV shows alongside reruns of reality and documentary shows in the entertainment section of Pluto TV. Among others you will find various iterations from different countries from a channel called Wipeout that shows reruns of the popular game show. Watch Science TV, Xive TV, Docu TV and the NASA live stream in the Curiosity section. There are also other channels like Nosey that feature reruns of The Maury Show and The Jerry Springer Show to name a few.

Finding the Available Content

While watching Pluto TV on Roku, if you wish to find all the available content together, then use the Guide section on the channel to explore. You can also access the list of on-demand and live content either by content category or channel. You can conveniently switch between Channel Lineup and Explore views on the Guide page.

Casting Pluto TV on Roku

  • All HDMI Roku versions including the Streaming Stick have casting abilities.
  • Go to Settings -> Display or Display & Lights -> scroll to Cast Screen ->Select Roku device name

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