Privacy Policy

The website can and will collect data and other information from its users for the sole purpose of providing its services. Such data and information may be collected through online forms, over live chat or over the call. By further using our website, the user hereby agrees to the above-mentioned and the following policies that are mentioned herein this document. Also, it is to bring to the notice of our users that the calls and any other form of written communication that happens between the user and the website or its representatives will be recorded and kept safely for quality control purposes. If you have any issues in the policies and terms of the website, the user may kindly refrain from making use of the website and its services altogether.

Moreover, the recorded communication can and will be used as evidence against miscreants whose intentions and actions are illegal according to the law. We also would like to emphasize that the information will be shared only with the competent authority and no other third party in any situation. Your information is our responsibility and henceforth remain confidential at all points in time. In addition to personal details and Roku device related information, our representatives may also require your payment information, such as the credit card number, to complete a transaction on behalf of the website. Therefore, users must be cooperative and in the event that you do not wish to proceed further with the service, you are always free to do so. Also, location based information is needed from the user for providing assistance on certain channel and device activations. All these information and data will remain confidential and hence we insist the users to provide these details for a 360-degree service from our website.