How to Reset Roku Remote – Hard & Soft Reset Method Explained

All you need to know about the Roku Remote

Though there is an enormous development in innovation and online presence, remotes are quintessential devices in working gadgets like TV, DVD players, streaming players, air-conditioner systems and a lot more. Majority of the mobile applications go about as a substitute for remotes yet at the same time, remotes can never be ousted and here is all that you have to discern about the Roku gadgets and how to reset roku remote.

Irrespective of the Roku model, be it a streaming player, streaming stick or TV, you will require the corresponding Roku remote for dealing with your electronic device. Roku remotes are into two types such as the Infrared (IR) remote and enhanced point-anywhere remote.

reset roku remote
reset roku remote

The IR Remote

These are the essential remotes which will command you to point them towards the Roku streaming players. Else, you will find it difficult to deal with the Roku player and the main beneficial thing about this sort of remote is that pairing is not needed

  • Gadgets that have IR remote are Roku 1, 2, and 3, Express+, Roku HD, XD, and XDS, Roku LT, Premiere, Roku Express, Select Roku TVs, Roku 2 HD, XD, and XS
  • Simply embed the AA or AAA batteries into the remote and push the buttons you should use to affirm if the Roku remote is working

Roku Point Anywhere Remote

  • Few of the Roku models will have the point-anywhere remote, where the name itself indicates that there is no requirement for pointing the remote towards the gadget
  • Besides, the remote will make use of the Radio frequency, Wireless Direct, and Bluetooth too
  • Roku models that have the enhanced point anywhere remotes are Roku Streaming Stick, Streaming Stick+, Roku 3, 4, Premiere+ and Ultra

On the off chance that you are not exactly sure with the kind of remote you use, just check if your Roku remote is IR or point anywhere by looking for the pairing button. Voice search, Headphone jack for Private listening feature, A and B buttons for gaming, Remote finder alert, Power buttons for TV are accessible only in point anywhere remote and definitely absent in your regular Roku remote.

How to Reset Roku Remote?

In a few cases, you may come across a few errors with your Roku. In such cases, you can follow the Soft reset or Hard reset procedures.

Soft Reset

  • If you reset roku remote bySoft reset, your Roku player will restart without losing any of the Settings or data
  • Perform the soft reset using the Roku remote by pressing the Home button 5 times and the Up arrow button once
  • Proceed by pressing the rewind button twice followed by fast forward button 2 times
  • For new models of Roku such as Roku 4, Premier or Ultra, execute this procedure – Tap on Settings, and then on System
  • Finally, tap on System restart under Power
  • In case if this does not work out, unplug the power cord and plug it back again and check if it is working

Hard Reset

  • If you go for the Hard reset option as Soft reset did not work out for you, then the process will remove all the data, settings and reset the device to its factory default.
  • In case you own the new Roku models, such as Roku 4, Premier and Ultra, then navigate to the Home screen and tap on Settings
  • Select System and tap on Factory Reset under Advanced system settings
  • If you are using the older versions of the Roku brand, then, detach all the cables with the power cord as an exception
  • For around 20 seconds you will have to press and hold the Power button which is at the back or bottom of the device
  • Then, proceed with removing the Power cord from the player while you are still holding the Reset button
  • Once you leave holding the reset button, make sure you insert all the cords back to the device
  • With this, Hard Reset process is done and you can start with the setup process from the scratch

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