Best Private Channel List With Roku Channel Codes

Although the Roku Channel Store is replete with top-notch entertainment, you may need some additional servings of fun from the Roku private channels. These beta channels have specific Roku channel codes which you will need for activation and then, streaming. Irrespective of genre, there is a wide variety of channels under this category which you can explore with our help.

List of Private Channels & Roku Channel Code

Roku Channel Codes
Roku Channel Codes

Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

  • This is definitely the best private channel on the Roku platform offering content from many premium channels
  • For instance, you can stream live updates from Bloomberg News Live, CBS News and TED Talks
  • Apart from news, users can also stream Adult Swim, telecasts from Universal Sports Network and TV shows from PBS
  • Use the channel code H9DWC to activate the channel on your Roku device

FilmOn (NMEVA)

  • The regular live TV in addition to on-demand content is always a bonus for users
  • With more than 600 odd international channels, the FilmOn is a must-have Roku private channel
  • Moreover, it offers DVR support and an option to record for up to 60 minutes of any show
  • Activate this channel today with the channel code NMEVA

Television Shopping (TVS)

  • There are several shopping channels that sell everyday products such as The Coin Vault, HSN, QVC, Gem Shopping Network and Liquidation channel
  • All you need is a Roku account to add this private channel along with the channel activation code
  • The streaming of this channel is achievable with the channel code TVS
  • It is important to make a note of these Roku channel codes carefully for successful activation

iTunes Podcasts (ITPC)

  • Now, there is a way to bring your Apple music to your Roku
  • Just get the iTunes Podcasts channel installed on your device and enjoy music anytime from your entire podcast library
  • Moreover, the app also offers interesting features such as favorites, playback recall and multiple filters
  • To get this channel, you must, however, use the code ITPC

Popular Science (Popular Science)

  • Science has gone a long way and this channel will help you know the most recent developments in this field
  • Crisp and great quality videos await you on this channel and you can activate it with the code Popular Science

Space Time (CN6MRTG)

  • Exploring space through the eyes of this channel can be quite interesting
  • It is one of the best ways to while away your free time and to get immersed in a whole new world
  • Deep Sky, Historical and Space Travel are some genres under which you can find videos on the channel
  • You need this code CN6MRTG in order to activate the Space Time channel

Al Jazeera (aljazzeraenglish)

  • Available in several languages such as English and Arabic, this is a trustworthy news channel
  • They bring currents updates from all parts of the world, even from tense, war-torn nations
  • Stream live news 24/7 or watch on-demand news clips from their huge library with the code aljazzeraenglish

Saveur Magazine (Saveur)

  • Local recipes, international food destinations and exciting culinary traditions can all be explored on this premium channel
  • The channel offers cooking videos from which many users learn basic cooking
  • In order to add this channel to your Roku, make a note of the code Saveur

Capital TV (capitaltv)

  • Music channels never go out of fashion and this one from UK is definitely here to stay
  • Stream music all through the day without any interruptions or ads when you get a premium subscription
  • However, you will also need the channel code capitaltv to add the channel to your Roku account

Roku Private Channel Activation

The Roku private channel activation process is slightly different from the regular activation of channels from the Channel Store

  • Whichever channel you want to add or activate, collect the specific channel code
  • Manage account is where you must be now after which, choose the option ‘add the channel with a code
  • Key in the channel access code in the next step, after you receive a prompt for the same
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions once you provide the right code
  • With the right Roku channel codes, you can activate any number of private channels on your device
  • In the event that you find any issues or if you come across any errors, you can perform a system update
  • Most channels will appear only after you perform this system update

Other private channel queries and Roku channel codes can be directed to our toll-free support number +1-844-730-3890 or visit our website

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