Troubleshoot Tips For “Roku Is Connected But Not Working” Issue

Fix Roku Connected But Not Working

When you think you have the Roku connected but not working issue, then most probably you are having some playback issues. It could also mean that a particular channel is no longer available on the streaming device. Alternatively, it also correlates to the fact that you are trying to play 4K content when you are not at 60 fps.

Roku Connected But Not Working
Roku Connected But Not Working

Issues with Playback on the Roku

The player just doesn’t stream any content in spite of the fact that it seems connected to a network. Either a particular video from a channel does not play or the broadcast buffers frequently. You could also be encountering slow video start up or the quality of the video itself is poor. As an instant solution, from the same channel try playing a couple of other videos. If they seem to be streaming well, then you might want to call the provider for interruption in the service.

Single Channel Issues

  • When a single channel won’t play a video of your choice, then you must try playing a video from a channel other than the one that you are currently streaming
  • Also, check subscription details for the channel and verify if you have linked the channel appropriately to the account
  • You may also want to ensure if you have signed in correctly
  • In many cases, cable or satellite account credentials mismatches result in playback issues
  • Get help from your provider to sign in suitably
  • Follow any instructions that are displayed on the screen during the course of the error

Multiple Channel Issues

  • When you are not able to play videos from any of the channels, then it is possible that you have a network issue
  • Check the status of the network connection by clicking on Settings first
  • And then select About from under Network
  • Next, look under the Status The displayed message will indicate either Connected or Excellent or any other similar message
  • But if you see that the Status indicates Not Connected, then you must setup the connection once again
  • For this, you must first click on Set up Connection
  • Then execute any instructions that are visible on the screen to restore connectivity
  • Once you have completed the above step, click on Check Connection once again to verify the status of the network connection

The Answer to All Playback Issues

  • Once again, the answer to rectifying playback issues and player issues lies with rebooting all your associated devices
  • Go to Settings and then choose System and subsequently Restart for the Roku player
  • For restarting your router you can always check with your internet service provider for instructions

Video Buffering

  • Another Roku connected but not working issue is relative to poor quality video or constant buffering
  • While the Roku is designed to deliver high-quality content into your screen, you also must have a corresponding high-speed internet connection that will enable delivery of such videos into your TV
  • Check if there are any network congestion issues and if your ISP is actually functioning properly
  • You may also want to verify if you have more than one device connected to a single network from which you are also trying to stream the Roku
  • Fluctuations in streaming quality are also noticed if the Roku is connected to a cellular network

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