Types of Roku Remote and Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issues

Roku Remote Not Working Issues

Most of us would think that for a Roku Remote Not Working issue, the best solution is a factory reset or simply replacing the physical remote. But that may not really be so. Here are a few other things that you can try before resorting to such drastic measures.

Roku Remote Not Working
Roku Remote Not Working

Taking care of your remote is not a big deal. It is only when you think that it is not functioning just like it should and that you need to apply some fixes. Here too, you can repair the issue all by yourself depending upon the type of remote that you have. But first, here are some differences between the Enhanced and Standard IR Remote.

The Standard Infrared Remote

A short distance signal is sent from the IR remote to the device, typically emanating from where the transmitter is located. This invisible light is used to issue instructions to the Roku device, which receives these set of commands also from an IR receiver located on it. For the remote to work efficiently, it is important that you point it directly at your player. You must also ensure that there are no objects blocking the path between the player and the remote.

Enhanced Remote

An enhanced remote works on a wireless. Which means, to issue commands, you do not have to point the remote directly at the player. Point it anywhere and the remote will sense the signals over the wireless. This also is one of the biggest advantages of the Enhanced or Point-anywhere Roku remote. A pairing process helps the remote identify and establish a connection with the Roku player such as Roku Express, Roku Ultra and etc.

Troubleshooting the Remote

IR Remote

  • With the Standard IR remote, you know that you have encountered a Roku Remote not working situation when the player does not respond to the desired command even after repeated presses of the remote
  • Sometimes, this occurs when you have missed the buttons. It means that you are pressing another button instead of the one that you actually should be, for issuing a particular command

Remove Obstacles

  • At another time, you will notice that the signals from the remote are either blocked fully or even partially blocked. For this you may even want to either hold the remote high over your head or move it left and right to check if the commands are being picked up
  • Alternatively, if you notice any obstacles, simply remove them from the path of the infrared

Battery Reseating

  • Reseating the remote batteries is also a recommended action if the player is not picking up any commands
  • Finally, for totally unresponsive players and remotes, simply replace the batteries with fresh ones

Wireless Point-Anywhere Remote

  • If you are facing a Roku Remote not working situation with your enhanced remote, then you may want to restart all your devices, first. Rebooting devices is always the primary troubleshooting method that you should adopt for any of your electronic gadgets.
  • To restart the remote, remove the batteries, wait for some time and then insert them back again. Check the orientation when you are replacing them.
  • Perform a System Restart on your Roku device by going into Settings and then into System
  • Reinsert the batteries into the remote once you see Roku’s Home screen on the TV Screen

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