Connect Roku to Wi-Fi | Roku Wireless Setup

There are a few things that you must determine before the Roku Wireless Setup. Verify if the television set supports HDMI for all audio/video connections. Alternatively, you may want to use composite cables if you have a conventional appliance. In this case, get a Roku Express Plus that is compatible with both HDMI and composite connections.

Roku Wireless Setup
Roku Wireless Setup

Cable Requirements for Roku Wireless Setup

  • Roku recommends an HDMI because it is a single cable that has the ability to support both audio and video
  • Additionally, it also supports 1080p full HD video playbacks, particularly available on the Roku player
  • In contrast, the analog or RCA cabling require a separate audio connection and it works in combination with other video attachments

About HDMI

A great digital alternative for analog audio-video standards, HDMI or High Definition Multi-Media Interface is a compact AV interface.

It transfers both compressed and uncompressed formats of AV signals to any other digital media such as the computer, digital device and in this case, the Roku streaming player.

Initially released some time in 2006, today, multiple versions of the HDMI are used. You will find Ethernet and 3D capabilities in some of the most recent versions of HDMI.

Networking Type

  • It is essential that you define the type of network that you are using – either ‘Wired’ or Wireless
  • connectivity remains extremely popular and preferred as well, on all of the Roku models
  • If you are going to use the wireless connection to accomplish the Roku wireless setup then also ensure that the appropriate passkey is readily available for your SSID connectivity
  • Wired gadgets such as the Roku XS models connect through a standard Ethernet cable

TV Connection

  • Use the HDMI cable for insertion into the TV’s IN port with the other end inserted into the player’s back-side port
  • For those who are using composite cabling, first, ensure that the Roku player that you are about to connect to can indeed handle composite cabling
  • Then insert all three colors – yellow, white and red – into the corresponding A/V port (IN) on the TV
  • Usually, the other end is a 3.5mm connector that goes into the Roku
  • Users must also note that the Roku players should not connect through a VCR lest it might affect copyright protection policies, resulting in distorted displays
wireless setup

Roku Wireless Setup Connection

  • For all wireless models, make sure you know and are able to identify the SSID and then enter the passkey
  • Wired models such as the Roku XS will first have to obtain connectivity between the Ethernet port on the router and the player
  • Turn on all devices after accomplishing all of the above

Getting to the Network Connection Screen

  • The Roku gains power through the adapter that can be directly connected to a wall outlet
  • Boot up screen is visualized and thereafter the home screen is launched
  • To begin just press ‘OK’ and at the ‘Settings’ screen you will have two options to either connect through the wireless or the wired
  • Choose either one of them and if the connection is successful, Roku will begin updating the software

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