Resolve Roku Won’t Connect to Wifi & Continue to Stream Your Favorite Shows

Roku Won’t Connect to Wifi:

Connectivity issues with respect to Roku wireless devices are quite common, for which you can begin troubleshooting with suitable remedies. It’s not a big deal to troubleshoot Roku won’t connect to wifi issue. Follow the steps to fix your Roku connectivity issues.

Roku won’t connect to wifi
Roku won’t connect to wifi

Reset your Streaming Device

  • Resetting the device is easy and you have the soft, hard or the factory reset options
  • Few models will have the reset button at the back of the device
  • You have to press and hold it for a while to complete the reset

Purchase a New Device

  • Plan your budget and we have a lot of streaming device models with the best features
  • Get a new model to replace the existing one and perform the Roku wireless setup

Device Selection

  • Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming stick are the most streamed devices and you can choose the model that you like


  • Try to choose a router with better features to get the best network speed
  • Go to our website and we have the product information, features, and specifications available to help you to choose the best model

Signal Boosters

  • Signal Boosters are devices that will help to improve wireless signal strength
  • Get the device and connect it to get rid of the weak wireless signals

Do not Connect Multiple Devices

  • Do not place any obstacles between your TV and Router and if you connect multiple devices you may get the weak signal
  • Suggest you contact your internet service provider to ensure that they do not face any network issues

Check your Device Temperature

  • Do not allow your Roku device and the router to heat up and it will be always good if you avoid using your streaming device continuously


  • All the hardware connections must be secure and always use quality cables to connect your device to both the Router and power source
  • Get rid of the error Roku won’t connect to wifi and get ready to start streaming

If you find it difficult to troubleshoot on your own we have our customer support executives who can help and support you any time. Call us @ +1-844-730-3890