How To Resolve Wi-Fi Connecting Issues With Roku?

Roku Won’t Connect to Wireless Network

Roku as we all aware is a brand name in itself providing variety of streaming players like Roku TV, Roku Streaming player, and Roku Streaming Stick. We have purchased the Roku device and now we want to set it up with our Roku TV seamlessly. But there is always a case where we encounter certain problems during the process. We will see how we can resolve Roku won’t connect to wireless network issues and make our Roku setup successful.

First and foremost thing, for any streaming of audio or video from the internet via Roku TV or Roku player we require a strong signal strength of your wireless network available at home.

Roku won't connect to wireless network
Roku won’t connect to wireless network

Type Of Error Messages Seen During Connecting Internet With Your Roku And Ways To Resolve Them

We will list some the error messages that you may see while connecting your Roku device to your wireless network. And also will give you solution around how to get out of these situations.

  • When you are trying to setup the device for the very first time and connecting it to internet at home, you may see a message: “Unable to connect to wireless network” which is not very unusual.
  • To overcome this problem what we will check if we have used the same network port as we did for our laptop or home computer.
  • Next you will have to enter the same network username and password as it is while connecting your Roku which you had earlier setup.
  • Another thing that you can try is using an Ethernet or wired cable to connect to your home router physically. Sometimes due to weak connections wired network works well instead of wireless network.
  • Additionally, you may also see that once you feed in your network username and password, the screen just sits there for over 5-10 minutes.
  • Also you seem to face this problem of “Roku won’t connect to wireless network” when you try to launch a channel.

How Can I Resolve These Issues

To start with, what we can do is run a “Check connection” on our Roku device. And then do check connection via Settings > Network > Check connection. This step will check two things. One is your wireless network signal strength and other is the connection to your home wireless network.

When you feed in your wireless network name, you will have to choose the accurate name in order to avoid issues later. And also the band frequency is sometimes multiple in the house so you will use the correct name like “AT&T-5g”.

Next you will always keep in mind that password typing is case sensitive so use the lower case and upper case alphabets accordingly to enter the password.

Another test which you can run is try connecting your some other device to the same home network and launch a Google Chrome browser. If you are able to do that successfully this will mean that you may have done incorrect entry or username or network password.

Finally give a restart to your home router and then try connecting all over again.

If you still seem to face issue with connecting your Roku device to the wireless network don’t hesitate to visit our website or call us directly at our toll-free number +1-844-730-3890.