What’ s New on Netflix in January 2019 – The Ultimate Roku Watch Guide

Each month, Roku makes it a point to share what is new on Netflix.  In this article, you can find some great recommendations from Roku about what is new on Netflix in January 2019.

What’ s New on Netflix in January 2019
What’ s New on Netflix in January 2019

Catch What’ s New on Netflix in January 2019!

In the first week of January Netflix has a great line of Indiana Jones movies. The second week has Star Wars and the last week of the month will feature Incredibles 2.

1st January, 2019

  • Four Netflix Original features – A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3, Comedians of the World, Pinky Malinky and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.
  • Indiana Jones series include the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Last Crusade, Raiders of the Lost Ark and finally, the Temple of Doom.
  • The mega-blockbuster Mummy sequels will be featured namely, The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.
  • Other shows that you can enjoy are:
    • Black Hawk Down
    • City of God
    • Definitely, Maybe
    • Godzilla
    • Happy Feet
    • Hell or High Water
    • The horror flick, I Know What You Did Last Summer
    • It Takes Two
    • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    • Jersey Boys
    • Mona Lisa Smile
    • Bean’s Holiday
    • Pan’s Labyrinth
    • Pulp Fiction
    • Swingers
    • Tears of the Sun
    • The Addams Family
    • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    • The Dark Knight
    • The Departed
    • The Strangers
    • Watchmen

2nd January, 2019

On 2nd January viewers get to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail – A tale told through the story of King Arthur aims to give a comedic twist to the grim circumstances of the middle ages.

4th January, 2019

Coming 4th January and viewers can enjoy all-new Netflix original series and films in the form of Call My Agent: Season 3 and El Potro: Unstoppable, And Breathe Normally, and Lionheart, respectively.

9th January, 2019

The 9th of January features ‘GODZILLA: The Planet Eater‘ while the other one is ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

10th and 11th of January, 2019

With the weekend fast approaching, the new on Netflix in January 2019 list brings a fair amount of originals on these days including ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium and Friends from College: Season 2. Another interesting content you can watch is Sex Education.

15th January, 2019

Watch Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry and Revenger, both the Netflix original features on 15th of January.

16th January, 2019

You can watch one new movie on this day American Gangster, where Frank Lucas, a Harlem drug dealer rises to power in the 1970s.

17th January, 2019

Watch American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace through the eyes of Ryan Murphy about the fashion Mogul’s murder.

18th January, 2019

Once again, as the weekend closes in, there are several Netflix Originals that viewers can enjoy such as FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Carmen Sandiego. Other interesting ones as Grace and Frankie: Season 5, Close, Girl, IO, and Soni.

Catch up all the new shows on Netflix and enjoy this January 2019 with love and celebration. To get help from how to activate Netflix on Roku, you can always dial the toll-free line: +1-844-730-3890 or visit go.roku.com/wireless.